MG 1.1 Pictures not visible


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I don't know if this is in issue with the gallery or xenforo itself.

From time to time pictures in a thread are not visible. Only the icon with the red cross.

If I open the post for editing the pictures are visible and after saving, without to change anything, they are also visible again.
Also if I reload the page they show up mostly.

Or can this be related to Cache?

But than every user must have it.

Chris D

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Sounds related to the Image Proxy I think.

If they are directly shared URLs to the images and your URLs have since changed, e.g. they now redirect from http to https or similar then this can cause the problem; that said simply editing and re-saving the message wouldn't usually be sufficient to fix this on its own.

If it is just related to bad data in the cache and the URL is correct then this should just sort itself out over time.


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The images are stored in the gallery and no URLs have changed.
Strange is I look at the first page of a thread, see all images, continue to the second page and see all images. Going back to page 1 images are not there anymore. Reload the page brings them up again.

But is nothing what can be reproduced on one special Thread. Sometimes this happens and sometimes not.


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Yes, looks like this.
I switched off the proxy at the moment to watch if it makes any difference.