XF 1.4 phrase in css template?


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Any possible way to include a xen phrase in a css to be output correctly?

For example.


Trying to include this:
/ ** CHAT ** /

.class {

{xen:phrase 'total={xen:number $AjaxChat.total}'};

Getting this error when I attempt to save:

The following templates contained errors and were not saved: EXTRA.css: 1) EXTRA.css - Line 142: Phrase name must be literal
That phrase is what I pulled from the Ajax Chat plugin, it's sideblock widget. What I'm trying to do is simply output total number of users in the chat nav tab at www.talkjesus.com

I asked the dev about that, he said he might consider this feature down the road. But I figured I'd try to figure this out, hopefully with someone's help here.