XF 1.5 Phrase change globally but NOT working

reddy ink

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I have made a change to a Phrase TEXT in Master Language and pushed globally.

When I recheck, the change is there is phrases but when I use the forum, old Phrase Text: still comes up.

What do I do to enforce the changed Phrase Text:.
Unless you're a developer you should never modify anything in the Master Language or Master Style. This suggests you're running a site with Debug mode enabled, ideally Debug mode should be always disabled and only enabled if it is required for a specific task.

You should change the text in each language that requires the change, e.g. English (US)
For all intents and purposes, forget the Master Language exists. What you've said there is somewhat illogical and suggests you may actually be editing the wrong phrase sometimes.

Which phrase are you trying to edit?
Thank you for suggestions. I am tried to edit Phase TEXT for

Changed to new text. When I see this in admin, it shows changed text but but in RM when adding resource, it still shows older Phrase TEXT
Yes - used in error message.

I tried to change it to- "Please UPLOAD a file or CHECK Does Not Have a File Option." and when I re-look in admin, this is what it appears but when error comes in XF RM, different phase TEXT.
Using only English language.

How it s
I've just looked on your site and you have 6 languages, with "Resources" being the default language.

From the screenshot you have translated it in "English (US)". Are you sure you have English (US) selected as your language on the front end when getting that error?
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