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XF 1.4 Phpbb import questions and error

Just bought xenforo today. Installed it with no problem.

I tried to import the existing phpbb forum from my other site: http://cgpixol.com/

From xenforo tool > Import External Data
I put the info for username, password, database and the rest I leave it as default.

I got an error: The source database connection details are not correct: Access denied for user 'cgpixolc'@'localhost' (using password: YES)

any idea or help to get this work

thanks in advance
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XenForo developer
Staff member
Is the site you're importing from on the same server? If not, it's unlikely that you will be able to access the MySQL server. You'll need to import the data to the same server as where you're importing from.
Hi Mike
You are right.
It is not from the same server.

So, should I actually import mysql database to the new server first?
How do I go about ti?

Thanks for your help
Hi Brogan
Just a quick questions, where should I copy the avatar and attachment directories?
which directory?

thanks for your help
Ok, I have up to this point. Manage to get the hosting provider upload the database from old server to the new one.
I went to Tools -> Import External Data
Fill the necessary username, database name and password and the prefix, and the rest leave as default.

I have a screenshot looks like as per attachment.
It looks like I cannot import most of them except the first two.

Perhaps I did something wrong? any idea what's going on?
Thanks for your help


Hi Mike
thanks for the heads up.
Ok , I did import it. there are two messages appear.
1) about making sure for the permission for user, admin and moderator
2) Rebuild index

For point 1, I dont see any members/users in the forum
for point 2, in Tools I only find Rebuild Cache -- is this the same thing for Rebuild index?

Or should I re-import again?



XenForo moderator
Staff member
Something has gone wrong then, assuming you actually clicked on the [Import Users] button?

It may have something do with the source data.
Did anything get imported?
aah at last I manage to get this work... I went to re import the data and import one by one.
Thanks for your help to this far Brogan and Mike.
quick question, in the old sever with my phpbb, the attachment picture shows up in the forum.

When I check in xenforo forum, it only shows the links of but not the embeded pictures, for example this thread:

it used to be shown as a pictures in the post, now it only shows
Artstation : http://www.artstation.com/artist/paprika

Is there a way to actually perhaps rebuild all the links posted or the attchment so it shows up as a picture or video depend on the link posted?



XenForo moderator
Staff member
You have attachments blocked to guests so I can't check.
What is the resolution of that image?

Files uploaded to posts can be embedded using the attach tags.
Hi Brogan
sorry... i try to find the option to unblock the attachemnt to guests, but cannot find it.
Where can I change this option?

Resolution of image is quite small, it shows up in the old forum.

Correction, what I mean is the attachment does not show up on the forum .
But, I just tried to click the attachment, It seems it cannot find the file... it gives a broken picture.

mmm, looks like all the attachment has broken pictures... it cannot find the attachment pictures.
Perhaps it points to different directory?


XenForo moderator
Staff member
Do you have jpeg support on the server?

Navigate to admin.php?tools/phpinfo and look for this block (or similar):

Hi Brogan
I believe it has jpg enable since I actually try to attach JPG picture and it shows up in the forum post.

the problem is now, it seems every attachment does not find the attachment pictures (this is from the imported database from old server)

(Permission for guests to view attachments is set in the unregistered user group.)


XenForo moderator
Staff member
Do the images actually appear in the file system if you check using an FTP application?
They will be in the internal_data directory and the thumbnails will be in the data directory.

If not then they haven't been imported.
If they have and you can't view them from the forum then it could be a server config issue.