Add-on PHP Via Click

Adam K M

Active member

I'm currently making a system which neatly compiles a table of custom user fields (for a friendcode thing going on.)

I'm currently stuck on the part of sending out the custom user fields to my own code via xenforo, as I don't know xenforo.

I was wondering if anyone would be willing to make or to tell me how to make an add-on which is pretty much a 'button' that runs a php file/function/callback. This file must be able to get custom user field data, as well as the members' current ID, and whether or not they are in a usergroup. (I will personally use this to include another php class, and run a function which will add the corresponding data to my table.) If it's not too much of a hassle, I'd also like to be able to somehow communicate a response through the file that the button calls, ie

Button (on a page) ---> (middleman) File ---> Information Processor
Information Processor --- True/false---> (middleman) File ---> Page

I don't really mind if it sends this data long to the page via means of $_['GET'].

Any xenforo wizards willing to help?