XF 1.2 PHP Error on Members Notable


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When I'm using default skin in Xenforo 1.2 RC2 I go to the members page where I have the members list disabled and I see this error at the top when I am in debug mode. I get this error when all addons are disabled.

Template Errors: member_notable
  1. Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in blahblah/httpdocs/internal_data/templates/S.148,L.1,member_notable.php, line 186


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This has to do with one of your add-ons and it not providing the template proper code to iterate over. Do you have any add-ons that are supposed to interact with the members list?

Chris D

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If it's related to my add-on then it seems you didn't have all of the files uploaded.

A reinstall should fix it.