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Daniel Hood

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I just recently reformated my computer and I'm downloading all my programs and stuff again. As I was about to download Notepad++ I figured I would try to see if there was a better program as I've been using that one for like 2 years without trying any others.
Any recommendations or stick with Notepad++?


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I've used Notepad++ as a standard text/code editor, but for projects it's recommended to use something like Zend Studio, Aptana, Eclipse, etc. (i.e. an IDE)


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What added benefits does it give?
Things such as code assist, code completion, refactoring support, object/class reinforcements (I don't know what the heck this is). Also, most IDEs come with project management features that allow you to upload files from its interface.


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Nice. I can't seem to get Eclipse to install. I open it and it errors out "Failed to find a Main Class" lol
Personally, I wouldn't go with Eclipse, it can be as annoying as hell to get it work properly, then come the performance issues. Try something like Netbeans or PhpStorm.

That error indicates that it couldn't find the JDK. You need to install the JDK to run Eclipse.