PhP 5.4

Adam Howard

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So anyone here yet play with Php 5.4?

Been playing with Rc8 / RC9 and this one really seems to load things evenly and smoothly.

(On test site only. Do not advise using on public site)

Adam Howard

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ya, have PHP 5.4 on one of my R&D servers. Was messing around with Traits last night.
Diffidently an improvement in my opinion. Although I would imagine some of those who manage shared hosting, will need to take into account some of the changes in features. Will be some time before I suspect I'll see this imputed in that kind of hosting environment.

But diffidently an improvement for those of us who use vps / dedicated.


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Looks nice, the traits work well for reusing code.

I wonder if XF will consider using traits in future, though their code is pretty reusable now.

Adam Howard

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Before switching host I tried php 5.4 and it didn't go so well.

Kept getting some kind of Zend Framework error (don't recall the error at this time).


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One issue I've had is that FPM under 5.4 doesn't seem to play nice with APC, but other than that, no problems.
had same problem but just heads up latest trunk release of APC has fixed PHP 5.4 compatibility and I tested with nginx v1.1.18 and PHP-FPM 5.4.0 with APC 3.1.10 trunk release and it works but still other php extensions don't i.e. FFMPEG and Suhosin.

Haven't checked it Xcache works with PHP 5.4.0. I know Memcache php extension v2.2.5 trunk release has fixed PHP 5.4 compatibility but Memcache >v3.0.6+ don't see it yet.

Sticking with PHP 5.3.10 for now