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XF 1.5 Photo handling.

I want EVERY photo inserted into a post on our MB to be displayed as an expandable thumbnail in the posts. In a photo-heavy site like ours, full-size images become a problem with several of them in one post, especially with the high resolution images available from even the cheapest cell phones. I've installed AndyB's addons to insert a thumbnail automatically even if the user forgets, and to disable inserting full-size images. But if a photo is drag/dropped into the post, it's inserted as ATTACH=full instead of just ATTACH. Is there some way to modify that behavior?
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Hi Andy!

I guess I should have just asked you. THANKS!
I just glanced at the add-on. And I should have been a little more specific in my question. I don't want NORMAL USERS to be able to even accidentally insert full-size photos - they're too disruptive and would probably be abused. But admins, mods, people creating tutorials, etc. NEED to be able "custom size" the photos in posts, even if they have to resize the photos to an appropriate larger than thumbnail size and insert them as full-size photos. Is it possible to strip out "=full" in all new or edited posts UNLESS the user is a mod/admin? Admins/mods NEED to be able to insert full-size photos for special purposes.

P.S. We use pretty large thumbnails (currently 250px), but they're not big enough in tutorials where the user needs to see more detail - without the distraction of having to enlarge the thumbnail and then return to the tutorial. The larger illustrations need to be visible simultaneously with the explanatory text rather than obscuring the text under the LightBox.
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I just thought of a way I might be able to get around that problem without more help:
"ATTACH=full" -> "ATTACH"
"ATTACH=*full" -> "ATTACH=full"
CRAP - that's NOT going to work. The next edit would make previously inserted full-size photos back into thumbnails because the * would have been stripped out in the previous edit!
I think it would have to be done via user/group permissions.
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Thanks Andy! Works perfectly. Mods & Admins can now insert full-size photos. Regular users can't. And when Regular users drag/drop in a photo it posts as a thumbnail instead of full-size. EXACTLY what I want! :cool: You're a genius! I forgot to mention - FAST, too!
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