Not a bug  Personal Conversation "Breaks" UI Flow

Andy Huang

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First, go to "Your Account" tab. { }
You'll notice the side navigation menu.

Except for the entries in "Personal Conversations" tab, go to any page on that menu, and the menu will remain.
Go to any page in "Personal Conversations" section, and the side menu is missing.
-- At least when there is no conversations present.

For consistency, maybe consider something like this:

Sorry for the lazy photoshop edits :p



XenForo developer
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We considered it, but it tends to make those sort of lists look cramped. And then there's the sidebar on conversation view.

Andy Huang

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Hmm... Yeah, I had a personal conversation and the menu on the right would definitely make it too cramped.


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Perhaps if you use the link from the 'inbox' tab, it would show it without the menu however if you used the link from the 'User Account' page, it would show the menu.


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It's also missing at the wathced Threads Page. Both have a Menuitem in the Account, but not Menu. That breakes the usabilty. And there is enough space.