XF 2.2 Permissions for Moderator/Admin not acting as expected


Okay, so I'm the site owner, have myself set up as Admin and also Moderator (Super). I set up a Category and then a Forum within. For that forum, I unchecked "Allow new messages to be posted in this forum". It says Moderators will still be able to manage the contents of this forum.

I took that to mean that Moderators would be able to post there too, but Moderators can't and neither can I (Admin & Moderator).

I'm looking to have the forum not allow regular (registered) members to create new threads, but, allow them to post within the threads and comment.
I'm looking to have Moderators have the ability to create new threads.

Possible? If so, how? Thanks!


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That setting is absolute and can't be overridden with permissions.

Set the node back to normal, in the node permissions set the 'Post new thread' permission to No for the Registered user group, set it to Yes for the Moderating user group.