XF 1.2 Permission question - set to node to visible but not its contents?

I have a Node, let's call it Insiders. And it contains sub-nodes, Insiders A and Insiders B, etc.

I would like the public to see that Insiders exists and that Insiders A and Insiders B exists. Along with thread count.

But I do not want that public to be able to view any threads in Insiders A or Insiders B. Just see those nodes exist.

It seems setting a node to Private makes the node invisible to the public. An all-or-nothing permission.

How do set nodes to be visible to the public without letting the public view what's inside a node?

Clear as mud? :)


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You can revoke the "View thread content" for the user group, but the thread titles will be visible.

Or you can set the forum private and create a link node to the private forum, but the thread count won't be available.