XF 1.5 Permission issues with private nodes


So, I've read multiple helpful guides on permissions, as well as the official XF docs, and I feel/felt like I finally understood how to do things. But still having sketchy results getting a moderator group to see a private subforum or use functionality.

If anyone knows what I'm doing wrong, I'd really appreciate any tips.

Registered usergroup
The moderators have their default group set to this one. Here's the relevant permissions for the registered usergroup:


Notably, registered users can 'like' posts, create new threads, etc. The usual stuff. "Post new thread" is also set to allow (below the screenshot cutoff point)

I have a public parent forum that has no custom permissions. Registered users are able to do everything above.

I then have a private subforum below the public one. This value is properly set:


All permissions for this private subforum are set to 'inherit all' for all usergroups, including registered users. EXCEPT for a single moderator group.

To test out my understanding of the permission system, all I did was give the moderator group the ability to "view node". I assumed this meant that the mods could see the private subforum, and then could do any actions they inherit from 'registered'


However, this didn't work as expected.
  • The moderators can indeed see the private subforum. Other users can't, so that's good
  • But there's spotty functionality they can actually do
    • They can reply to existing threads
    • They can't create new threads
    • The 'like' option doesn't appear
    • etc
I double checked that there's no weird moderation rules set on the private forum itself, as well as the parent/public forum. Both match:


I also double checked that the moderators have 'registered' set as their primary usergroup. They do. Also, none of these users are explicitly set as "moderator" on the private forum on an individual basis, so it's not that I accidentally gave them 'revoke' permissions on that level.

Is there something crucial that I'm missing here? I had hoped that because of the additive properties for usergroups, that I could do something as simple as 'view node' for mod groups and potentially add on stronger capabilities as needed (like the ability to delete threads in the mod forum). But they aren't able to do basic user capabilities like making new threads.

Note that we did a big import from VB 3, so for all I know there's some other insidious setting on the node/user/I don't know level that I'm missing. At the moment I'm trying to clean up the migration carnage and do things the right way.

Thanks for reading!
Try the permission analyzer for one of the moderators in the node in question. What comes up for one of the permissions that isn't working as expected?

Also, what importer did you use? An official one or a third-party one?
Try the permission analyzer for one of the moderators in the node in question. What comes up for one of the permissions that isn't working as expected?

Also, what importer did you use? An official one or a third-party one?

Pretty sure we just used the built-in XF one (no extra plugins, etc). Finding that info out to make sure but there will be a delay.

Just ran the analyzer, which came back interestingly:


"manga full moderators" is the usergroup I've been talking about (has perms set to inherit, except "view node" set to yes).

Based on my understanding revoke = overrides any other instance of "yes", so is that what's causing this problem? I'm not sure where that value is coming from

Hmm, if that's true, do you know where this mysterious moderation - registered comes from?

I checked the 'moderators' nav in the user area but didn't see anything that stood out, and I made sure this group weren't explicitly set as moderators to cross that one off. I don't see anything in the node editing page either that might have set this to 'revoke'
Sorry, maybe I was wrong. Did not read the whole thread. A bit too complicated for me. :oops:

'never' means, that every 'yes' is overridden. I your case - sorry, let's wait for Mike...
No problem :)

Mike, any ideas on how this phantom "Site Moderation" value has been set? Also, I got confirmation that we used the built-in XF importer (no plugins/etc)

thanks again!
update: consider this resolved. I did more digging and found that the parent parent forum had some bogus permissions on there (from VB 3 import) and had some random revokes for posting new threads and liking content. I set the perms back to inherit for all usergroups on that node and it's fixed!

thanks again!
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