XF 1.5 Permission for category

I create the category how to download attached and forum how to download attached photo 1

upload the attached there photo 2 when login with user test2 - user group registered
i don't show the attached file Photo

i changed the user group permission register for this category and forum to all Allow and again not show that attached

How to solve my problem

I want that all of the users registered group to see all the attached that have been posted there





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Photos won't show as an attachment at the bottom of a post if you insert the photo into the post itself. If you don't insert a photo, then it will appear as an attachment, like this:



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No idea why you have upload_2017-9-29_18-50-26.png and other text like this in your post. This isn't something that XenForo does, if you don't insert attached images into the post then they appear as attached files at the bottom of the post - just like the 2.jpg file does in your screenshot.

I can only assume there's an add-on at play here. Try disabling all add-ons and testing in a default, unedited style to see if the issue persists.