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Performance vs vB5

So I'm a recent convert to XenForo coming from a long and happy existance with vB3, vB4 and a short and angry experience with vB5. My forums still running vB5 but I'm getting XenForo setup and working on the migration.

Anyhow I needed to make a post to the vBulletin environment that was a reasonably long wall of text and 6 PDF files ranging in size from 55kb up to 3.5MB for a total of ~9mb of PDF's. I pasted in the wall of text, uploaded the PDF's, clicked post... and I'm still waiting...

So I flipped over to my XenForo instance, repeated the process, was happy to see the multiple file upload actually gave me progress bars to indicate it was working, then clicked create and the thread was there... ready for users to consume...

Meanwhile back in vB5 land... I load the site in another browser tab, and low and behold despite the fact that my upload/post appears to be hung, the thread is there.

Thanks XenForo.


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xenForo is very, very, very light.

While vB4 consumes exorbitant amount of server resources. vB5 is worse in this aspect as well.

If you're going to change to xenForo: Do it. However, there isn't a vB5 importer unless you have a IPB license to facilitate the import. Like this: vB5 > IPB > xenForo.


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I've got ~30 posts and ~20 users. I'll be able to handle the migration... this was a new mistake caught quickly.
I hear your pain. vB4 didn't handle 30 posts/20 users all that well. I threw my vB4 license away that I didn't care to be refunded or was able to get a vB4 sale for cheap. Fortunately I got both. Good luck with your migration.