Performance just took a dive. Not sure why.


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We are still setting up our forum. I was in there yesterday going through all the "Options" in the admin for the first time. Adjusting things. Prior to that (the forum has been online for a week) it was running pretty fast. In the last 24-48 hours it has slowed down significantly. Struggles to load pages for a second or two. Not sure which setting I modified might be responsible. We have not enabled performance options yet, but that will come after I figure this out.

Is there anything that triggers a bell in your mind which might directly affect performance, in the Admin settings? A few things you can ask me to check?

Off the top of my head I can't remember all the things I modified. But going back through some of the Options pages. I think I increased "Store drafts for X hours:" to 24 hours (I don't remember the default). I enabled proxy images because without that, our HTTPS/SSL breaks. (disabling this didnt seem to speed it up)

Kind of at a loss. It could be anything.
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When I load pages in the forums and I watch the spinning thing at the top (Firefox) it spins, stalls, spins, stalls a little more, spins, then eventually finishes loading the page.

This is new.

Here's the explanation report. Unfortunately I dont think any of this stuff relates to something I have changed in the Admin. Its just best practices related stuff.

Might even just be theme related, but we've always used this theme.

See attached.


Yeah the site runs smoothly for me on both the forum and outside the forum.

I wouldn't necessarily give much credence to such reports. There's a few elements it recommends changing that just aren't reasonably changeable such as removing query strings from resources.
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