1. Joao Prates

    XF 2.1 smileys take over 7 seconds to load

    Hi, I would appreciate if anyone could chime in and help diagnosing this problem on our server, it's getting us crazy. We can't put our finger on when exactly it started, but it is recent, and afaik nothing changed on the server side, so it's a bad surprise for us. Right now I have consistent...
  2. M

    Forum is loading extremely slow

    Our site is loading very slow. There were server issues previously so we have re-setup everything. The site was loading normal initially for 2 days. Now its taking min 30 sec to load. sometimes it never loads giving connection timeout error. Can you people help diagnosing the issue? We are...
  3. X

    Performance just took a dive. Not sure why.

    We are still setting up our forum. I was in there yesterday going through all the "Options" in the admin for the first time. Adjusting things. Prior to that (the forum has been online for a week) it was running pretty fast. In the last 24-48 hours it has slowed down significantly...
  4. Reeses

    Confirmation, Password Reset, etc. emails sending slowly.

    Hi there! I just setup XenForo on HostGator. I am sending emails for the email confirmation and password reset through the default 'Email Transport Method' with the '-f' parameter selected. It takes roughly 5 minutes for an email to be received. It doesn't get junked or anything else--it just...
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