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XF 1.5 Per User Group avatarHolder

Hi, sorry to bug you guys again but one of the final things I just cant figure out...

It may be that it's just not something xen does out of the box, or that I dont know how to do it, but our vBulletin forum doesnt allow users to customise there avatar pictures, we do it in a "trophy" kind of way where as you get more known on the forum, or do certain things you get a different title, with this comes a different avatar picture.

Exactly the same principles as the "new member" and "well known member" titles, but instead done through user groups and custom avatar pictures.

My question is, can I do this in xen?

I have read up about custom user group styling, and I understand there is a "staff" class that can be tweaked, but is there any way I (for example) add to extra.css the user group I wish to change and then point it to the custom avatar picture on the server?

Can I allocate a set picture depending on what user group they are in?



XenForo moderator
Staff member
It would be possible with an add-on, yes.

I'm not aware of one which does that though.

A workaround may be to edit the templates and use conditional statements utilising the user group ID.
That's a bit (lot) kludgy though and would require editing multiple templates.