PemBer To XenForo 2 Port/Migration


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Hi Everyone,

Happy Sunday! :D

We're aware that many of you are unable to upgrade to XF2 because your XF1 forum heavily relies on PemBer for recurring payments. Losing hundreds or thousands of recurring payments is just not an option...

Over the past year, we've received many requests/questions about porting existing PemBer payment subscriptions to our XF2 Paid Registrations add-on.
We're happy to announce that this was achieved a few months ago for a client that couldn't wait any longer to upgrade (@ScarletCox).

With XF 2.1 Gold around the corner and XF 1.5's EOL (end of life) coming up in a few months, we're opening this service here for you.
Your existing PayPal/Stripe subscriptions will continue to work with our Paid Registrations add-on on XF2.

The process isn't as simple as installing an add-on, payments are tedious and carefully testing everything is critical.
Here's an overview of the steps involved:
  • We examine your current PemBer setup
  • Setup a clone of your forum
  • Upgrade it to XF2
  • Customize and run the import
  • Test subscription payments on the clone forum
  • Re-do the steps above on the live forum
  • Test subscription payments on the live forum
  • Off you go to enjoy XF2!

We can only take on 2-3 forums at once, first come first serve of course.

Send us a PM if you're interested.

We look forward to working with you and have you running on XF2 :)


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Are there any demo of custom pember to xf2 port you've done? would be cool to check it out and approx how many boards have you done it for?


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Wanted to leave a review as I just used AddonFlare for migrating from "Pember" Paid Member Addon to their Paid Registration addon which is compatible with Xenforo 2.1.X.

Overall it was a super easy process. Ivan reached out from the start, was super responsive and stayed within his hours quote. He worked with our test site to test the custom importer for our legacy subscriptions but also offered to setup his own test site if needed. Throughout he communicated proactively to keep us updated. For our production migration he was able to work with our schedule to piggyback on our other efforts and he completed the migration rapidly without any issues.

He has been extremely responsive to feedback on the functionality of the addon and has provided fantastic support thus far. Without this add-on and custom import servie we'd still be stuck on Pember and XF1.5! Thank you AddonFlare!!


We were held up on the 2.1 upgrades due to Pember subscriptions.
Googling the heck out of it we ran across this thread. Within a week of contact, we had a custom mod designed to handle past subscriptions and XF2.1 was online. AddonFlare has been very helpful and made it easy for us to get the upgrade completed. They created a test install with a test upgrade and port. Once it was completed we were ready for the live upgrade.

Ya, we could have gone without the Pember port if we didn't care for our members. Ensuring our members are treated right with correct and timely recurring upgrades was the top priority. Nothing worse then paying for an "upgraded account" and getting ghosted unknowingly.
Now we are all set with zero drama from past recurring accounts.

Thank you @AddonFlare