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Just after a quick search:

As you can see PP clarifes that A chargeback isn’t the same as a PayPal claim. The chargeback process is initiated outside of PayPal, between the card issuer and their cardholder. There is also a 14 GBP PayPal fees. But if you search in more details you'll see that these fees are only for PayPal and they're in addition to Bank's Fees. In my case was Visa and even now it debits $200 per case. Don't know about MasterCard or other cards.


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Paypal writes there:

"...If you don’t agree that the chargeback is valid, you can help us dispute it by providing information about the transaction in the Resolution Centre..."

I do not know know specific case at that time. But I would have tried to open a file in the resolution center. But I do not know for what the user has paid for etc. So I can not judge this.

If it was a pure pay-for-access fee, I would have discussed this with the CC company of that user. I do not belive that the can charge you for something, if you did not do something wrong.

I had cases in the past in which users claimed that thier CC was stolen to get their money back. Did not help them. It was a yearly subscription with autorenewal. It dis ifficult for the user then to explain why I or the thief has done something wrong here ;)


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I would like to make a remark about the disclaimer:

Technical Disclaimer: You have to ask Paypal to enable MassPay API for your paypal account before you can pay affiliates. MassPay is FREE and you only have to contact Paypal Support to enable it.

This is not true. I have contacted Paypal twice on different occasions about it but they will not enable this for everybody. We are a high-traffic big board and they downright refused it, I can't see it being enabled for smaller boards as of such.