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  1. H

    Not a bug Keep getting told I didn’t complete the CAPTCHA verification properly when I try to register as a member on this forum

    I’m trying to register as a new member on this forum, but after I click register I keep getting this message. Also when I click register sometimes it says “you must be logged in to do that” I’m trying to register to Dirty Discourse
  2. Sadik B

    Unmaintained PemBer Redirect Guests to Register 1.0.1

    This is an addon I quickly put together for a members only forum of one of my PemBer customers. You can however use this even if you don't have PemBer and want to create a Members Only Forum. If you have PemBer installed and enabled, this will redirect ALL guests to the PemBer Sales Page. If...
  3. D

    Members Subscription, Members Directory with Search, Articles Creation

    Hello, Is Paid Members Subscription, Members Directory with Search and Articles Creation possible with xenForo? Do you know any add-ons to realize these requirements? Basically, I want to create a web portal containing paid membership, search of members with filter, member's profile page (more...
  4. Sadik B

    PemBer - Professional Paid Membership Plugin [Deleted]

    Sadik B submitted a new resource: PemBer - Paid Membership - Pay to Access, Installment Payment Plan, Upgrade Reminders and More... Read more about this resource...
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