RM 2.2 PDF's not attaching when uploading file.

I am unable to attach PDF's to the resource manager, Here's a video showing the problem.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Xenforo 2.2.0
Resource Manager 2.2.0

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It looks like the file upload is failing.

Once the PDF has uploaded it should show an icon and the file name, like so:


Press F12 to open the browser inspector and select the Console tab.

Are there any error messages listed when you attempt to upload?

Any errors logged in the XF ACP?
There was nothing in the ACP I looked at that already, however it doesn't seem to like the upload size, interestingly enough I thought I had everything increased to 100MB and the file is 5MB

php.ini is updated and restarted, where would this be set in the control panel?


This is attachment size, where is this equivalency for Resources?