PayPlug or other PayPal alternatives


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Im searching for a PayPal alternative that cost less than PP and integrates well with Xenforo. I've found PayPlug and I've asked them if I can integrate it with XF.

Do anyone know about other PayPal alternatives that are easy and sure as PayPal but cost less and that can be integrated with Xenforo?


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It appears they do offer an API ( so with custom development it should be possible to use.

I am not sure if you looked in the resources but if you search 'paygate' within the resources section there is already something listed for payplug.

As far as other paygates go outside of paypal, I will let others respond.

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We are using Paypal for a couple of reasons mainly, our members use it and mostly, they trust it. I am not too concerned about a percentage here or there, IMHO I would lose more using another method than the proven trusted one.