XF 2.2 Paypal user upgrade renewals not working - 'Information: OK, no action'

Stuart Wright

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I have not had any user upgrade payments since July 18.
Here is the payment profile log:
First page - no successful payments
and this is the second page showing the last payment on July 18th

If I click the most recent entry, I get this information (some redacted, obviously):
The setup in Payment Profiles hasn't changed and there are no messages from Paypal.
I was running 2.2.6 from July 9th and 2.2.6 patch 2 from August 19.
I have no addons running which touch payments or user upgrades and I have no server errors.
Please help.


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My periodic reminder, not that I needed one, of why I stopped doing community forum support 😂

Not much point derailing the thread arguing about it - it is a bit petty to open a support thread and then reject and downvote advice provided because it's not what whoever had the problem wanted to hear (bearing in mind I have no affiliation to XF so makes no difference to me whether it's an XF issue or not), but there you go. I'd have been happy to help debug the issue after hearing back from PayPal but will bounce out of the thread and leave it for other people to reply to instead (y) Hope you get the issue sorted!

Stuart Wright

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Ok for some unknown reason and without actiive notification, payments to our Paypal account stopped and I needed to complete some additional information on there to restart them.
This wasn't an issue with Xenforo, but with Paypal.
Everyone, thanks for your input and help.