XF 1.5 Paypal error


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When testing paypal sandbox payments, it looks good on the paypal side, but in xenforo logs i get the message "Information: OK, no action" and no upgrade to the account is made.

Heres the full log:
Action: Information: OK, no action
User: Unknown Account
Only log entries that involve a successful payment will be attached to a user and user upgrade.
Upgrade: Unknown Upgrade
Date:8 minutes ago
Transaction ID:4L7821339G161564A
txn_type    web_accept
payment_date    15:00:51 Apr 28, 2016 PDT
last_name    buyer
residence_country    US
pending_reason    unilateral
item_name    Account Upgrade: test (paypaluser)
payment_gross    5.00
mc_currency    USD
payment_type    instant
protection_eligibility    Ineligible
verify_sign    AlAAWrhhKrG3YfPe4U2uTHMEofRoAX-sZyXO3JSJE-FrTzRj8uqEOyTP
payer_status    verified
test_ipn    1
tax    0.00
payer_email    removed
txn_id    4L7821339G161564A
quantity    1
receiver_email    removed
first_name    test
payer_id    QW5Y59QWBZ3XS
handling_amount    0.00
payment_status    Pending
shipping    0.00
mc_gross    5.00
custom    2,2,token,2,1461880719,04267915d8a378ccc3fec243d9649835ed61e406
charset    windows-1252
notify_version    3.8
ipn_track_id    853f31fba4b5
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Worth noting that this particular payment is in a pending status, so there's no action to take. It hasn't been completed yet


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I was doing this with the sandboxed accounts, is that why it didn't complete? I guess as long as both sites were communicating with each other it's set up properly.