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Paypal donation button?


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Can someone point me in the right direction on how to make a paypal donate button via HTML? I know Paypal had a thing on their site to make buttons for Donate, Checkout, etc.

However, it's been some time and I can't seem to find it on their website. The info I do find for it, doesn't work for me......

Alternatively, is there a paypal donate add-on for XF2 like there was for XF1 that isn't overly expensive? There was one for XF1 that was free, forgot who coded it.
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You can create a donations tab following these steps.

Get a paypal.me account


Create a Page node

Admin control panel -> Forums -> Nodes -> Add node -> Page

URL portion: donations
Title: Donations
Template HTML:

<div class="donations">
Your donations are greatly appreciated.
<br /><br />
Thank you.
<br /><br />
<a href="https://paypal.me/johnsmith">Click here to make a donation</a>
Create a Public navigation

Admin control panel -> Setup -> Public navigation -> Add navigation

Navigation ID: donations
Title: Donations
Display order: 10000
Type: Node