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You may please tell me, whats happen here:

We have one recurring upgrade, one month, one euro.
Peter has paid it the first time with paypal/stripe.

The first month is over.

What happens now, please?

XF will call paypal/stripe and tell them: "hey, take some money from Peter, please!"


paypal/stripe will tell XF: "hey, we have taken some money from Peter, you can do his upgrade for another month."

The first month is:
XF => paypal/stripe => XF

From the second month it is:
a) XF => paypal/stripe => XF


b) paypal/stripe => XF

Your question isn't very clear, however, XF doesn't charge a Euro every month for anything. Are you sure he's not getting scammed somehow?
What he is asking is what methodology is being used to process the payment that is due.
Month one is processed directly from XF to payment processor which then acknowledges the payment as processed back to XF, which then enables that first month.

His question is does XF repeat that process each month automatically, and what process is used, a repeat of the original purchase.

If it's only one month upgrade... pretty sure it has to be purchased again since it is not a recurring process. On a recurring one, the payment processor notifies XF if I'm not mistaken that the funds have been successfully processed.

Honestly, I haven't messed with them to much, but I think that's the way it works.
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