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Payment Per Post System

Anthony Parsons

Well-known member
Was thinking about this the other day, for specific support forums and such uses...

Basically, a user can buy credits via the account upgrade paypal integration, then you can assign a credit amount to specific forum/s for automatic debit from their credited account per post they make.

Really good for support boards, so instead of charging monthly costs, its more a pay as you need us approach.


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Surely it would be a payment per thread, rather than per post?

i.e. pay / use credits to ask a question, rather than on a per post basis?

Anthony Parsons

Well-known member
It could be both... enable one or both methods.

I could think of providing a service off the top of my head, where service related discussions could go for pages and pages if you only had to pay a couple $$$ to start the thread, sucking up your time for zero profit.

Pay per thread and/or post, this would cover both aspects, depending on what you want to use it for uniquely.

Anthony Parsons

Well-known member
Not sure... never seen Yahoo answers. If it works like that, then I would guess, yes!

I could see great value in a mod like this for every forum that provides any type of service, or wants to provide a service, in order to help monetize the site with small fee's rather than large fee's.

This type of thing would be ideal even for something like XF IMHO, because instead of charging an annual fee, they could provide a pay per service fee, closing the thread / ticket on completion.