Add-on Coinhive "payments" system


With all the fuss over in browser mining I could see some small benifits for certian implimentations for websites.
Some examples;

  • Small/short term "special" member upgrade - short day/week passes.
  • Member enchantments - (there are a couple of paid add-ons that allow for this)
  • Donate towards website - some people leave their systems running overnight (I know I do), if there was a website that I enjoyed going to and they had some way to contribute via mining I would leave it running overnight as I slept.

How to integrate mining with cost/price of products

I myself use [bd] Paygates already to handle Stripe - so perhaps something that hooks into that? If there isn't a better way of course.

A cavet though;
This must use AuthedMine - this way the end user knows what is going to happen unlike what has happened to other websites that hijack your chrome/firefox browser in the past.

Target of those that would buy/use this

I run a (small) gaming community. For those that are unsure about paying for a month for access I could offer a 1 to 3 day pass based on coinhive mining. That way there is no actual hard currency changing hands, the end user doesn't feel like they are being ripped off (they never entered their payment details knowing full well you cannot "refund" their CPU time).


A rough guess would be in the $50USD - $100USD range and yearly renewal cost 25%-50% of initial cost.

I saw that someone already has a captcha system that uses coinhive here so I thought that this idea might be useful for someone to make/develop.

NB: I know there are better ways to mine - for the end user that doesn't know about mining this is ideal - no install needed as it runs all within the browser sandbox.

Lukas W.

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Just to drop a note: I'm going to do an implementation for this for XF2, but unfortunately not for XF1. On the upside: there won't be any need for something like Paygates anymore, as XenForo comes with a build in system that allows for add-on developers to add their own payment providers.


I'm going to do an implementation for this for XF2, but unfortunately not for XF1
That I understand.
XF2 is still in developer preview - many of the add-ons that I use (both Open Sourced/GPL and Paid) aren't XF2 ready yet. It will take some time before most are XF2 ready after XF2 comes out of developer preview.


As would I.
A couple of the add-ons that I depend on haven't made the move to XF2 or there isn't any alternatives. So for now I'm still on XF 1.5