payment processor

  1. mattrogowski

    Lack of interest Allow customisation of payment callback response within payment handler

    I'm creating a new payment provider integration, and it requires a certain response to be output when the webhook has been processed. Currently payment_callback.php returns output with this: $response ->body(htmlspecialchars($state->logMessage)) ->send($request); I can't extend this...
  2. mattrogowski

    Fixed Unhandled error when user upgrade no longer exists

    When a payment is received for a recurring user upgrade, but the user upgrade no longer exists, this is not gracefully handled and throws a An unexpected error occurred. Please try again later. error with a 500 status, and the following error in the server error log: TypeError: Argument 2...
  3. coofcookie

    XF 2 [Paid] Stripe Checkout integration

    Hi, I need a Stripe Checkout integration for there payment methods: Credit Card, iDEAL, Bancontact, Giropay, Przelewy24 and ESP. Send me a message with your estimated price and reviews. Thanks
  4. Spanner_Man

    Add-on Coinhive "payments" system

    With all the fuss over in browser mining I could see some small benifits for certian implimentations for websites. Some examples; Small/short term "special" member upgrade - short day/week passes. Member enchantments - (there are a couple of paid add-ons that allow for this) Donate towards...
  5. ekine

    Bitcoin is now mainstream - Add Bitcoin as a payment option

    It would be great if the digital currency "Bitcoin" would be added as a form of payment. This would eliminate the problem of chargebacks. Here are some solutions: 1. Bips 2. Bitpay 3. Bitmonet There are already wordpress plugins which lets you monetize digital content.