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[Pay Work] Looking for a developer to finish Ajax module and Style


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Hi all,
I have to finish a module for xenforo and, though I have written the basics, I am in lack of time to iron out some bits in such a way that it actually "feels" right.

I have the DB schema, the form for creating a new custom thread and the code to load it into the DB. I also have the code to display a new thread.

What I am missing is:
1) a way to upload a product picture for the new-thread (this is different from an attachment);
2) the ajax ability to vote for the thread (not the post itself, but the thread);
3) to make a custom index page to display the latest, most voted threads available.

Another job would be to actually work on the style of the forum, to customize to best fit the feel of this new forum.

These 2 jobs can be fulfilled by two different coders.

Anyone that would like to know more, I'll be happy to give further information.

Best to all!


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I can't say I could help you myself, but I would recommend that you give some guidelines for the style similar to what's mentioned here--that will help custom style creators get more details and determine whether or not they can help. (y)