XF 1.5 Pasted Thumbnails - Large and Blurry

They look fine here. However, I suspect that you are pasting from a retina/high DPI display. This is really a limitation of how these screenshots work. They are taken at the native resolution of the device (eg, 3840 x 2160) but are then displayed at the CSS resolution of the device (1920x1080), making them appear bigger (technically, 4x bigger) and lower DPI. The problem is that's how big the image actually is and the browser displays it at the native size.
Wow! That's actually confusing! LOL

There isn't a workaround for it? It seems like it would be worthwhile. Then again I am seriously OCD :)

If I coded this software and saw that things were pasting in like that, I'd probably be up all night coding a workaround as default functionality LOL
It's not an issue with XenForo. It's just how the screenshots are captured. If you open the image up in a browser directly, you'll likely see the same thing.
Interesting. But when I paste them into Skype, they look the proper size. Or into Word. Neither of those applications do this, so as you said its what the resolution is set on for the CSS, right?
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