Third party Paste bug in Mozilla Firefox


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I'm not sure when this started happening but I'm finding I have great difficulty pasting into a post when browsing in Firefox 3.6.8.

As shown in the attached screenshot using right click not only brings up the appropriate menu, it also highlights previously entered text. Hitting Paste at this point deletes the highlighted text.

I can't replicate this in IE 8.




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Hi Zappa DPJ

I have been having the same problem in Firefox, what I do is type some random letters then paste and it deletes my randomness.




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Thanks for confirming this. I thought it was a problem with my installation as I hadn't seen it posted before :)

It does seem to be quite pedantic in nature. Pasting to a new line is a nice tip while the bug still exists.


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Confirmed, though this does appear to be caused by TinyMCE, as it does it in their own demo. Not sure what we can do.