XF 2.2 Password-protect test forum


Hi, I’ve just installed XenForo in a subdirectory and am wondering how to password-protect it for testing purposes. Thanks in advance for any help or advice!
The version of cPanel I am on actually provides a fairly usable GUI for setting passwords on folders called Directory Privacy. You just click Edit next to the directory you want to protect and add the accounts and password. It's what I use now to maintain security on my dev rather than messing with .htpasswd and .htaccess.
Thank you @Mendalla - I figured yesterday that Directory Privacy corresponds to “Password Protect Directories” as referred to in the guide @Brogan linked. So, just to be clear, if I am working with a team of forum admin/mods at this stage, I create a user for each of them, right?
Just create one username/password and distribute it to the team.
I use two, one for admins plus a second for mods or others who might help with testing changes. That way I can limit access to admins only (by changing the second) except when I need others involved.

But in general, yeah, one is enough.
Some of my mods get a 401 error when trying to re-access the test site after they were successful the first time. Could someone advise what could be the cause, and how to resolve it? Thanks!
It's going to be something server side, or client side - nothing which XF would be involved in.

You will likely need to get your host or sysadmin to look into it.
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