XF 1.3 Parsing order of execution

Neil E.

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This is just a general question about how the software operates. I have a large EXTRA.css and have noticed changes in forum page layout when I've repositioned sections of the code. This makes me wonder how the software parsing takes place.

Are templates processed alphabetically? Or is there some other defined order?

Would there be any benefit to organizing EXTRA in the same order?

Angels on the head of a pin?

Jake Bunce

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This is a CSS question and not really a XenForo question.

More specific CSS selectors will take precedence regardless of order, so you can override any styling by using more specific selectors in EXTRA.css. Or to force precedence you can use "!important" at the end of a value:

background-color: #333333 !important;


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The following templates are included first on most pages: xenforo, form, public (and sorted alphabetically then combined).

All other required css templates are sorted alphabetically, and then combined.

Some themes then a bunch more in what might as well be random order with direct link includes to /css.php, any templates sent to that are sorted alphabetically.