XF 2 Paid widget template request: media slider icons

Would anyone like to take this on?

If so please send me the cost, and not a PM asking me how much I will pay. I have no idea how much work this takes, so all official quotes welcome. Thanks!
This seems doable with only two to three small template modifications:
  • The first adds in the stock XFMG media_list_item_type_icon macro template.
  • The second removes one section of XFMG's CSS that hides the type icons in the slider widget.
  • An optional third template modification adds back the removed CSS in a way that should only target the sidebar.
I've only checked these modifications with the default XenForo style. This approach alters the type icon behaviour for all XFMG widget instances (optionally excluding the sidebar).

Brilliant, thanks! I was willing to pay for this, even though it was a small job. I appreciate the time you took to work it up. Your time is valuable and if you will take a donation send paypal info, thanks!
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