XF 2.0 Widget template is adding current route to an image source URL


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...and I can't figure out why

My thread entity has an extra field which stores the server path of a thumbnail
All the code is set up to pull it through into a widget.

Adding this to the widget template :
correctly gives
However, adding this to the widget template :
<img src="{$thread.mbth_thumb_url}" />[/img]
incorrectly tries to render an image with the URL of

The correct url should be
How do I stop it automatically adding 'ewr-porta' (Which is from EWR's XenPorta2, where I'm displaying the widget.
If I display the widget somewhere else, for example on Forum List : Above Nodes, it renders the thumb URL correctly.

Thank you :)


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Fixed it!

I changed the line in the template to
<img src="{$xf.options.boardUrl}/{$thread.mbth_thumb_url}" />