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I couldn't find the answer, probably searching for the wrong thing....

If I want to allow members to "donate" (using subscribe I suppose), is there a way to
allow them to have custom titles like Supporter, or Donor etc?


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I do the user banners instead of custom titles on CoinTalk.com. Each supporter has a green banner under their avatar saying "Supporter" and they seem to enjoy having it, and they like to have their own custom title. :)


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^Bump^ I've been trying to accomplish adding a "Supporter" banner for members in the "Registered" user group for the last couple of hours. I have created both pieces of the ACP options mentioned above by Brogan, but I'm not able to connect the dots and believe I need another user group with a custom title and CSS code to finish the job. We want this to be done automatically when a user donates to our forum and in the criteria for the promotion I created, I do not see where I can define these users with the criteria available to select from, as they wouldn't be a known quantity until they've donated. I keep thinking I need a custom user field created for this purpose, but am tired of chasing my tail. Can someone give me the low down on how to finish this off? TIA


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You would set up the user upgrade for the "donation" to add them to a user group. You would then setup that user group to have a user banner. Then when the upgrade is purchased, the group is added and the banner will be displayed. (Make sure you have configured PayPal as necessary ensure that IPNs are enabled.)


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It sounds like creating an additional user group called "Supporters" is the way to go here. The PayPal piece is working well and was setup and tested Saturday, so I hope this addition of the custom banner part is behind me before long.

Thanks Brogan and Mike I appreciate the guidance. I found a combination of both of your solutions to work best in solving my issue. My hope is the system will do this task automatically for me, so the manual process built into User Promotions won't have to be used unless someone slips through the cracks.
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