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[Paid] - Store and cart; 140$ Budget


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I'm in need of a simple store script with a couple of features.

User moved to a new usergroup upon purchase.
A shopping cart supporting paypal and google checkout.
Options for a branding free download and a required field for supplying website of product use upon purchase.
Downloadable area in user profile for skins purchased.
Adding skins via admincp should require server direct path link instead of actually uploading the file, files will be placed behind public_html.
Download link in user profile should be something like google.com/somefoldername/skinname-USERID#.rar even thou themes are hidden behind public_html.
When viewing a users profile via admincp, a checkbox option should be available which controls the downloads they have access too.

I'll try to create some screenshots of a few of these options with photoshop within the next day or so. PM me if you are interested.

Ryan Kent

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I am interested in a XF integrated cart as well. I will need time to gather the requirements but if someone starts the project I would appreciate being involved. Perhaps the system can be flexible enough to meet Junior's needs and mine.

Some specific needs I would have outside what Junior mentioned:

- sending an automated e-mail receipt upon confirmed payment
- send a second e-mail with a software code
- the cart should be able to use default XF and Flexile styles
- further details to follow


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I am also interested in a shopping cart to sell some clothes. T-shirts, shorts, gloves...

Maybe we can pool all our ideas together and then set a budget between the 3 of us(or maybe more) so we can get something really nice coded that everyone can use.


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Definitely interested in a store/shopping cart for digital downloads, must be configurable with multiple options per product, no shipping options, as well as automatic usergroup upgrade there should be the option for manual adjustment for usergroup, and manual addition of transactions, preferably with a time limit on transactions (so access to usergroup or product for X amount of months) automatically invoicing or downgrading after.

Store front should be nice and easy to manage, upload images etc, nice use of JQuery or AJAX'y kind of coolness would be lovely.

Will pay good coin for a solid product that is well supported, fully integrated, and spexy :)