Other [Paid]Seeking custom Featured Threads style


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I'm looking for anyone that is capable of styling the Featured Threads add-on.

The add-on currently does not match my style at all:

So I'm looking for someone that might be able to style this better. Not only to make it match the style but to also give it some updated appeal.


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I'm confused why it looks so out of place as it uses the style properties and color palette.
Is there something unique about your style?

You may want to look at how your style has been developed as this isn't normal.
My add-on automatically adjusts to suit the style it is installed on.


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I don't know. Some Add-ons seem to do that while others don't. I can usually go into the css and change it around.

This is what I have on yours so far:

I only just started on it but yeah, I'm thinking someone else can do much better.


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You may want to review how your whole style is set up.
My add-on respects all style properties so there should be no to minimal work required to make it suit.


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The style is graphic intensive with painted elements by the developer/artist.
When I hire a developer to create a Style I have to trust they know how to do it properly. I can only tell them to use the style properties, it's up to them to actually do it.


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Paul, out of the box, this is what is looks like with @Arty 's Soft Responsive theme


I had to change quite a bit to style it the same as the rest of the site.


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Came out nicely at first with the Casual Theme by @Russ:

Then I decided to adjust it a bit with the style properties and added css to suit how I wanted it:

Hey xIsabel38,

Does the problem still exist? If yes, then I might take look at it for you. Just send me a link to your website. After looking into it, I could make some screenshots for you, so that you are able to decide if you like my ideas or not.