Add-on [PAID]Need instructions on how to remove the permission checks in CTA Featured Threads


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Looking for someone to provide instructions on how to remove the permission checks in CTA featured threads. See below for more details:

It's likely due to the permission checks.

The add-on respects all permissions, so when aggregating content from multiple forums on one page, it's going to require a lot more processing than a single forum.

About the only thing I can think of would be to remove the permission checks in the code, which would serve all featured threads to all visitors, regardless whether they have permission to view the original threads.

Unfortunately my PC is still in boxes and I haven't had time to look for a new desk and chair so I can't give any specific instructions.

It's going to involve editing the controller/model php files and removing the section(s) of code which relates to permission checks.

It already is working correctly.

Nothing has changed with regards to that portion of the code since the first release of the portal page.
It correctly respects node, user group, and user permissions, as it should.
As I said earlier, aggregating all of the content from the whole forum onto a single page is always going to have an impact due to the permission checks.
That is why the archive page was created - which lists all previously featured threads - and the portal page is recommended to have a lower number of active featured threads.

I can't specifically recommend anyone as I am not familiar with the abilities and work of any developers.

I'm looking to pay $100, if you can get this done PM me, thanks.


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Did you not see my last post in the thread?

I've got about 6 weeks of work to catch up on, the wife's birthday next week, and my daughter's party plan the following week, but I'll try and make some time to take a look at it next week.


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Did you not see my last post in the thread?
I saw it. You have a lot on your plate. I've been waiting since June 6th & I don't want to wait any longer so I'm going to see if I can get someone else to do it before next week. If I can't find anyone, I guess I'll continue waiting on you.