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Add-on [PAID] Second prefix

Discussion in 'Resource and Add-on Requests' started by darkdiver, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. darkdiver

    darkdiver Member

    Option to choose second prefix for thread title is needed.

    Look at this topic it has 2 prefixes (Add-on & Paid)
    Essentially we just need to duplicate prefix wherever it appears but with their individual settings:

    * Visibility for forums and groups of users (the same rights system that we use for original prefix)
    * We need an option to set select of prefix as required = force users to use it.

    This add-on may be coded based on Multiprefix add-on, we have a license for it.
    But Multiprefix doesn't fit our needs for these reasons:

    * Impossible to set different prefixes from different groups (one prefix from group 1, the other - from group 2)
    * Impossible to set 1 of prefixes as required and other one as optional.

    As far as I see it, it's needed to duplicate code for prefix, so it should appear in thread's title and admin panel's settings.
    Please offer your prices for this work.
    On pictures below I tried to show you how it should looks like.

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  2. Chris D

    Chris D XenForo Developer Staff Member

  3. darkdiver

    darkdiver Member

    I know about this addon but as I wrote in my post

  4. Chris D

    Chris D XenForo Developer Staff Member

    I missed the "MultiPrefix" part :)

    Have you tried to contact @Daniel Hood to see if he can help make it work better for your needs?
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  5. Daniel Hood

    Daniel Hood Well-Known Member

    Thanks, he just messaged me.

    I'm not really able to do this at the moment due to working on XenReviews and working on a couple of fixes for my existing add ons. I told him I may be able to do it in a couple of weeks. If he can't wait, someone else is welcome to work on adapting the add on or making a new one for him.
  6. darkdiver

    darkdiver Member

    Thanks for your replies.
    Because Daniel is busy other developers are welcome ;)
  7. darkdiver

    darkdiver Member

    Still searching for the developers, you are welcome :)
  8. expjanus

    expjanus New Member

    Hey there, I am still quite new to Xenforo but this is exactly what I am looking for too!

    BUT it would be even greater to have more than two prefixes, up to 5-6 at least, or up to x. And it would be important that you would be required to choose one prefix per group, but not more than 1.

    Plus, as an extra it would be great to have prefixes in the breadcrumb design, I found out that you can do that relatively easily with CSS.

    To sum up, you would achieve in the thread headline something similar like on the attached picture.

    @darkdiver: How has the development been going? Anyone else interested? I would be willing to contribute to the development by paying/donating. Perhaps someone interested in crowdsourcing ? ^^

    Until then it is also just me on my own trying around ^^

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  9. expjanus

    expjanus New Member

    Perhaps Daniel Hood has more free time at the moment ? :) An upgrade like this to MultiPrefix would make in inevitable buy! :D
  10. darkdiver

    darkdiver Member

    Daniel is still busy and I am still waiting for him. Nobody wants to do it or nobody have enough knowledge to do it.
    Write him and offer price. May be he will agree to make an update if we both paid him.
  11. arms

    arms Active Member

    @darkdiver @expjanus

    As a learning tool, I am writing a suffix addon. It has almost all the functionality of prefixes, the only difference is it sits behind the thread title:

    upload_2014-3-25_14-23-4.png upload_2014-3-25_14-24-58.png upload_2014-3-25_14-25-38.png upload_2014-3-25_14-24-3.png upload_2014-3-25_14-27-50.png upload_2014-3-25_14-28-46.png upload_2014-3-25_14-31-13.png

    You can click to filter etc, and choose to filter both prefix and suffix together.

    I've just finished sorting moderation of suffix ensuring changes are recorded and think the only major addition is adding it to the search form and maybe the admin Batch Update form.

    Only problem atm is css for the forms is pretty poor. Also It doesn't atm allow for more than 1 suffix, I have purchased the @Daniel Hood multip-prefix and was going to add multi-suffix for my own site.
  12. expjanus

    expjanus New Member

    Hey arms, nice to meet you! Yes I also have seen your thread! Yes respect for your progress so far ! (y) Yes for dark diver and me it is about having several multi prefix slots in the thread headline ^^ similar but different.:cry:
  13. darkdiver

    darkdiver Member

    Still searching for developer budget is $300.
    Something like suffix of @arms is ok, but it should be on displayed not at the end of the topic but after the first suffix

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