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I am a student and I have a non-commercial forum which is about education and culture. Specially for scholarly person and enthusiasts. I know that my offer (max. 50$) can't cover all the work a coder has to do but you could release this add-on as a paid one, so you could get the effort paid.

Basically I am looking for a similar system that Xenforo has already with its title tagging system.
But the problem is, that a title has just little space and it gets unclear if you have many prefixes (in my case I would need hundreds of them)

So I am looking for a system which adds the tagging (I call them markers) in the first post of a thread, on the bottom of the 1. post, instead of having them in the title.

So like this add-on of @Daniel Hood, it must give the option to add multi-markers (not just one).
It would look like this (Source: South Bay Riders, @AndyB)

This example shows you 5 added markers. Attention (let's say Tony Bennett also composed that song): the markers "Singer->Tony Bennett" and "Composer->Tony Bennett" are different things.

It would be great if this add-on would have an option like this add-on of @sonnb. So we can choose if we want that just admins can add markers or even the users (depends on your preferences). And who is able to see the markers.

Finally with this marking-system you could build a library.
Think of the usage of this add-on. There are infinite things which have details and where you need an option to differ from the rest. Products, gaming community, IT-communities, any niche you have. You would make the access for the users easy, so that they are not lost.

With a similar method like this add-on of @Fuhrmann, you could optimize your forum and make it user-friendly. Something like this would be needed:

This searching method would list all the threads which are marked with your searching criteria.
For example if I choose "Singer" in dropdown_menu_1 and then "Tony Bennett" in dropdown_menu_2, it would list me all the threads where Tony Bennett sang. NOT where tony was a composer.
(The normal core search system would show me all threads where it finds the words "Tony Bennett". It can't differentiate.)

There are of course more details in my mind how this add-on could be (like how must be the options in ACP).
And which additional options it can have. But I want to stop at this point.

Summarised, I need a multi-marker system with searching options.

Any coders out there who could make this happen?

I would appreciate it a lot, so would many of other forum owners I assume.


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