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Sal Collaziano

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Looking for an add-on that does the same exact things as one that is no longer supported:

Any takers? I have five licenses with the unmaintained version...
What's everyone using now to get paid registrations with?

I have Stripe ready to go, but I can't find anywhere in the Xenforo admin to show users a premium sign up page or set prices for the group.

Kinda lost atm...
Andy, I like your add-on, which has potential. But the other one also supports coupon codes and gift upgrades. And maybe a better way to format different types of upgrades. As a loyal subscriber, maybe you'll add the missing features and push the hell out of it to really replace the need for the other add-on.
Paid Registrations is a must-have feature that should come bundled with Xenforo.
It was due to that add-on that I actually purchased a license of xenforo in the first place.
Considering how advertising revenue is a much bigger challenge now than it used to be, it really would be helpful to have something like this as a part of XenForo. It's very helpful making it easy for people to contribute financially this way. There are plenty of people who peruse a forum for weeks or months before deciding to sign up - and if your community has been helpful to them, they have no issue with a giving little financial support right off the bat...
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