Paid project to migrate to Xenforo

I need to discuss your requirements with my teachnical team. They are not available today due to weekend. I will write you our price and timeframe tomorrow through private conversation.
Hi Guys, My usual helped is snowed under with other work. I need someone to help me move a forum from Burning Board to XenForo.

Im on a linode severer so youll need to be able to acess that and migrate me from Burning Board to xenforo. ill need all url rewrites doing, Tags and attachments etc.

Please email me with your price. The forum I want to migrate is this one.

I've sent you a pm.

Waiting for your response.
Hi Guys, sorry as stated above, I cant pay anymore than $200. The quotes Ive had have all been in excess of that.
I didn't actually quote you a price as I don't know the specifics - But I did say that your budget of $200 is more than adequate. Depending on the answers to the questions I asked in PM - the price I'd quote for the project is significantly lower than that. So let me know if interested.

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