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Hello everyone. I have purchased a lot of addons from here. However, sometimes, when I click on the Buy Now button for an addon that I purchased, it just redirects me to a Paypal page or something. I have no idea how to update them.
Addon update should be emailed to you most of the time, no need to click on purchase button again ;).
Or download it on authors own website.
All paid resources are not hosted on here, only free resources are.

The purchase button is simply a URL to PayPal, start a conversation, an external site, etc.

There is no record stored here for who has purchased a paid add-on, or even clicked the button - payment and distribution is handled externally.

In general, however the add-on was first delivered to you when you purchased it is how any updates will be delivered in the future.

The author will be able to help for any queries you have.
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