XF 2.0 Paid Memberships? VER2 Beta

Seen a post or two on user upgrades and one for a 3rd party plugin from a year or two ago. Curious if ver. 2 has easier solution or new solution? Looking for ways to accomplish paid membership options. Guessing 3rd party addon wont even be an option at this point either...


Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
XF2 implements the same functionality as XF1 in terms of user upgrades. Often this goes some of the way toward paid memberships.

However, the major improvement is that the user upgrade functionality in XF2 sits on top of a very flexible framework for handling different payment providers and different types of purchasable items. So I would eventually expect to see add-ons implementing a wider variety of tools to help admins to commercialise their forums even more in a way that is more integrated than was possible before.
Not sure I get the user upgrades yet. I set up paypal and input all info for user upgrades and PP info but not to sure how it suppose to work. I guess I search around more and get back to this at a later date. Still learning my way around. TY
Yes almost got this just very confusing but I'll get this getting very confused on setting permissions and inherits. Also I changed regitered to basic (name or group) was trying to figure out how not o confuse level of membership to users becaue of the progress rating under avatar....so far all good Ill figure this out....searching through forums :)