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Im sure theres a few forums on here who would have been approached by SEO/Marketing companies on behalf of their clients on getting a paid link or guest article on their site. I have been offered 250 USD for 2 dofollow links in an related article that the company authored prevously, but reneged at the last minute due to the clients being gambling sites, and not sure if it would have an impact on my google adsense.

Fast forward and im still getting these paid link 'opportunities' and as always, by sports gambling sites (i have a sports website, and sports gambling is allowed in my territory (Australia/New Zealand).

How do you guys deal with this? Will it kill adsense? How much do you guys ask for? I just replied to one saying $500 USD for a permanent follow link, but dont know how i feel about it. Money raised from the link would be used to give back to the community via competititon prizes so not fussed about that, but thinking more from a ethical POV as essentially you are being bought out as there should be 'no disclosure that its a paid link' and 'for the link to look as natural as possible'.

Thoughts? How did you deal with this if you have encountered this as well?

Stuart Wright

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We get approached regularly. Not touching with a barge pole.
I think Google might even punish you for publishing paid articles.

Anthony Parsons

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I would turn on your link proxy, and do it that way. That way you can sell follow links, however, Google will still see the link proxied by your URL first, then redirected after the fact to the site.