Add-on [PAID] Expert developer needed for VERY LARGE project


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This project is NOT for the low level developer and will only suit a professional developer. It is a very large project and will no doubt cost me thousands of dollars.

In essence it is a project to create a supplier <-> user showcase, interaction and instant communication. The developer will need to source the best 3rd party COTS solutions to best meet the requirements and integrate them into the full solution along with the general Xenforo development.

A FULL Project Brief including requirement is available to serious developers. Whilst it is acknowledged that all requirements may not be met, here is a list of all the possible wish list items in the requirements so that you can ascertain if you may have the skill set to complete the project:
  • Suppliers are in full control of the design and development of their page including objects, colours, text, links etc. and their positioning on their page
  • Supplier pages can have videos, interactive 3d product views, lists, links, images, banners etc.
  • Suppliers can select one of many default page layouts which can then be personalised
  • Supplier pages are displayed in a 3d appearance (Optional)
  • Video/Audio/Text interaction with Supplier representative and user
  • Representatives names have a tag so a user can select which currently online representative they wish to communicate with such as Sales Rep (Aust.), Support Rep, Spare Parts etc.
  • Available Supplier representative(s) are sent some form of instant notification when user clicks communicate now in page to begin communication
  • Users can use PC, tablet or mobile phone of any brand i.e. Apple, Android, Windows etc. to view/use pages and communicate with representatives
  • Supplier representatives can set their availability in page yes or no from any device i.e. PC, Tablet, Mobile Phone
  • Supplier representatives can have multiple communications occurring at the same time
  • User can see how busy representatives are when choosing to communicate such as “currently having 3 conversations”, and if busy the user can leave a “Please contact me”
  • If a user leaves a “Please contact me” note and the user is still online, the representative can initiate a communication with the user
  • Representatives and users can pass brochures/documents to each other whilst communicating
  • Representatives and users can pass videos such as YouTube links to each other whilst communicating
  • Representatives can communicate to each other
  • Representatives can request another representative to join in a conversation with a user
  • Pages can have forms for users to complete that are sent to the Supplier
  • Supplier representatives can display messages on their page e.g. Back in 5mins, that can be set from their own communication device
  • Interactive floor plan view where users can click a floor plan page that displays a popup view of the supplier's page with a link to the page
  • Page aisle walk view where users can view pages on left and right sides of the aisles
  • Interactive auditorium for product presentations and conferences
  • Closed conferences where Suppliers can hold meetings with their representatives
  • A shopping cart where users can buy items from multiple pages (Optional or can interact with existing COTS cart on site)
  • Supplier page analytics
  • Page visitor logs for Suppliers to analyse
  • An archive of all communications held between representatives and users that can be recalled and referenced by the Supplier and representative
  • Representatives can categorise user page visits such as Follow Up, New customer, Existing customer etc.
  • Representatives can add notes to user visits in their logs
  • Technical Requirements
  • Completely useable on all sized devices by responsive design
  • User registration and login is to use or integrate with the currently used Xenforo forum software
  • Integrate with the Xenforo user base
  • Video/Audio/Text chat worldwide is to be provided for minimal latency to make communications around the world useable and user friendly
  • Supplier can set page permissions on representatives such as can/can’t modify page
  • Supplier can add/remove representatives
  • Integration with existing site including header, logo, colour scheme etc.
  • Site currently uses its own dedicated server located in Australia however the solution needs to accommodate the entire site’s hosting needs
  • html and css template system for easy overall design and development
As stated above, this is a very large project and worth thousands of dollars to a developer. There is also potential future management of the project with further development on a weekly basis.

Serious professional developers only please