Add-on [PAID] Exam / Quiz Addon


We need to have an Addon developed that would allow us to create 20-50 question exams (quizzes) for students on our forum. We use Xenforo a lot like an LMS to deliver training inside separate Nodes and this is the next step in its evolution for us.

General idea of our needs...
  • We only use True/False or Multiple Choice questions.
  • Questions can be added to a universal Question Bank and tagged/categorized. Each question has a question, answers and corresponding rationale (explanations) that appears at the end of the exam in a summary view below each respective question.
  • When we're ready to create the actual Node Exam, we can search the Question Bank and add questions as needed. Exams can be "archived" or hidden if a newer version becomes available.
  • Exams are passed with 70% or higher score. We need passed Exams to show a Completion Certificate with a custom PNG/JPG/GIF background when they pass. We should be able to choose a default background, pick an existing one or upload a new one. The final certificate should overlay the student's name, the date and the name of the exam over the background and it should be easily downloadable for the student.
  • Exams will then be assigned to certain Nodes. In addition, we should be able to embed Exams in Threads using a custom shortcode (unless there's an easier way) for easy display under the video.
  • At the end of the exam, students can press "submit" and view a summary screen of all incorrect/correct answers, the certificate (if they pass) and the rationale. This report will also be emailed to them and sent to a Zapier webhook. (I'm uncertain about this part since I'm not sure you can put a "submit" button inside a Thread.)
  • Students should also have an Exam area in their "Your account" area where they can view past/pending exams along with results, certificates and scores and a "retake" button if they decide to try the exam again. Archived exam results will also appear here in a separate area below their current exams.
If you can help us out with this, please reach out to me. This is a paid project.